Industry first

How can we achieve our objectives of being the best in what we do, being the one-stop shop for strategy-based technology, and being a trusted sparring partner all at one, without losing our exceptional agility?

We answer this question with a pronounced industry-focused approach. This industry focus is realised in our strongly specialised teams, who hold extensive experience in our focus industries - either due to certain career paths of our team members or experience in specific industry-specific processes and software. Additionally, our extensive network of partner organisations is strongly aligned with our focus industries as well.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Whether a company is a product leader or stands out due to operational excellence, customer intimacy and engagement are crucial topics for every player in this industry. For both FMCG and SMCG, we consider challenges around every sales channel - be it wholesale, retail, or e-commerce - and help companies create end-to-end omni-channel experiences with 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Life Science & Healthcare

Life Science and Healthcare is as old as humanity itself - and still, it is changing tremendously. From hospitals in the 17th century, advanced imaging in the 19th century to robotics and e-health records in the early 2000s and, eventually, artificial intelligence and care everywhere today. How can we reconcile these everlasting changes with the health and well-being of patients?

Telco, Infrastructure & Energy

Telecommunication and power supply are vital cornerstones of our modern society. Nevertheless, these utilities are often taken for granted. But what happens when the underlying structures of these fundamental resources are shaken to their very foundation because of major global trends?


Especially producing companies require a strong infrastructure in order to manage their daily business. While IT can be part of this essential infrastructure, it can also be a game changer within a company’s processes as well as an important factor in outperforming competitors and thriving in tough market conditions.

Other than that...

as an ever-evolving sparring partner for our clients, technology nerds by heart, and a team of passionate professionals, we bring along project experience in many more sectors than the four stated so far. 

For reasons of credibility, we don’t claim to focus on additional industries (yet). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more project- and client insights apart from our mentioned industry focuses.

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