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Life Science and Healthcare is as old as humanity itself - and still, it is changing tremendously. From hospitals in the 17th century, advanced imaging in the 19th century to robotics and e-health records in the early 2000s and, eventually, artificial intelligence and care everywhere today. This steady acceleration of further technological development and innovation is the driving force behind both progress and uncertainty. 
Being specialised in the Life Sciences / Healthcare sector, Peak & Peak focuses on identifying the different needs of different players, while emphasising the patient as the centre of all operations within the industry.

Organisations and Players

Medical Device

Healthcare Provider

Contract Manufacturing Organizations

Contract Research Organizations






GxP Processes

Data Security 

Enterprise Operating Model

Emergency Response Handling


Diagnostic & Therapeutic Wearables

Personalized Medicine & Devices

Direct Patient Engagement

Remote Clinical Trials

Solutions “Beyond Pil”

Mobile Home Health

No matter what role a certain player in the industry assumes throughout a patient’s journey, they all have one thing in common: the top priority is always to do what is best for the patient. This shared interest is what unites all the market participants when they are striving to navigate major shifts within the sector, such as new commercial models, precision healthcare, or collaborative care. 

In solving these arising challenges, digitalization can serve as a catalyst for success - while always keeping the patient’s best interest at heart.

Action Areas

  • Accelerated Research and Development
  • Strengthened IT Foundation
  • Connected Patient Experience
  • Personalized Provider Experience

Our references

We are proud of the clients we had pleasure working with. Here are some of the recent jobs we did.
Labor Berlin Charité Vivantes

Labor Berlin Charité Vivantes

As a laboratory facility and a direct subsidiary of the biggest hospital in Europe, Labor Berlin is contributing an important share to the healthcare system. While doing this, the team of experts is handling a huge amount of intimate patient data. We help Labor Berlin do what they do best - providing high-quality, reliable laboratory services - by doing what we do best: granting a secure and reliable infrastructure.


Originally known for its high quality audio devices and as a sponsor of the early stage Love Parades in Germany, TEAC is also an important provider of medical devices in the field of imaging solutions. We supported the famous brand, which is especially known for its high product standards, by fulfilling these demands also in their marketing, distribution, and customer care processes with the right technical infrastructure.


As a globally operating, family-owned company, SIGVARIS specialises in advanced medical consumables in the field of compression solutions. This field combines the latest research and the everyday life of patients into a product that is tailor-made for each and every single customer. Handling this degree of individuality, on a global scale and throughout highly complex patient journeys is a major challenge - one that we help SIGVARIS to accomplish so that they continue to exceed their competitors.

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