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Telco, Infrastructure & Energy

There is no industry as massive and as institutionalised in its structures as utilities, energy, and infrastructure. All of this for good reason: Our humanity is so dependent on these services that they are often viewed as a fundamental right. Still, change is coming: The 3 D’s - decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization - shake this institution to its foundations.
We at Peak & Peak are doing our best to tackle decarbonization and decentralization by being experts in the 3rd D: digitization.

Digital Drivers

Internet of Things

Customer Service as a profit Center

Apps and Portals

Consumer Interaction

Analytics & Data


Cloud First for new systems

Delineation of Data Mastery 

Reusable, Modular & Scalable Capabilities

Industry Specific 

Paradigm Shifts

Expected Digital Engagement

Increase of Market pressure

Emerging Technologies

Operational Excellence

Innovation & New Business Models

Acknowledging the industry’s need to change from a purely commoditised role to a human-centric sector, we combine what was - the institutionalisation of utilities - with what will be - such as connected homes, electric vehicles, and energy storages. And most importantly, we do this while always keeping our focus on the customer.

Action Areas

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Aging Infrastructure & Asset Maintenance
  • Ensure Supply & Quality of Service
  • Skills shortage & Workforce Management

Our references

We are proud of the clients we had pleasure working with. Here are some of the recent jobs we did.


As one of the world’s largest manufacturers and providers of wind turbines, the Gold Wind Group pursues the mission of advancing renewable energy. We support Vensys, one of the group’s member companies, in achieving this mission by working to ensure a perfect alignment between Vensys’ system landscape and their customers’ requirements.


As part of the United Electronic Technology Group, Suconi is working on expanding the backbone of our modern society: Telecommunication and Data Networks. We are empowering Suconi to succeed with this mission by supporting the group in strengthening its very own backbone - the Service and Field Service Management.

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