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We Create Progress. Your business' Mission translates into our Objective. We will guide you throughout your Challenges to the Peak of sustainable Solutions.

Our Expert Teams are your Companions, your Strategic Advisors and Business Consultants, your Technical Architects, Engineers and Developers. We support you with Digital Strategies and Concepts, with Agile Multi-Cloud Delivery and System Integration, with our Salesforce-based Consumer Goods Accelerator Products as well as Continued Success Services.

As Global-leading Salesforce Consulting Partner for Consumer Industries, we deliberately specialized in working with Consumer Goods Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Commerce Cloud B2B, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, TableauCRM and Mulesoft. Furthermore, we are founding member of the global Consumer Goods Partner Advisory Board by Salesforce.

Client Success Stories


  • innocent approached us in order to reorganize their retail execution processes and enhance them beginning at the POS over the route planning to the intelligent analysis of market data.
  • In order to deliver an outstanding experience for the customers, we implemented a a Marketing Cloud alongside a XRM for Service Management. Read more

We make Consumer Industries Future-proof


We create intelligent omni-channel customer experiences, helping you to build long-lasting customer relationships and ensure high-performance processes - from planning to execution and beyond. 

For the perfect interaction of brands with their consumers, partners and the own employees: We believe that data-driven customer management strengthens sales long-term and allows a brand to stand out. 

We support brands to streamline their processes and remain agile in order to defend and grow their margin.

Working for major brands in many consumer facing industries, we are familiar with the challenges of this industry and have the fitting solution for the following areas of application:



Consumer Goods & Distribution

How can you highlight your product among 12.000 others in a typical retail store? 

How can you defend your margin in a world of rising prices and supply chain challenges? 

Two out of many questions we are answering for fast moving consumer goods such as food, beverages, convenience products and many more. We help you to compete in an price-sensitive and fast moving market to allow your products to stand out at a the POS.

In a time where consumer attention is heavily contested, the management of promotions, actions and field sales has to be agile and fast. 

We design and implement solutions to ensure this agility for the B2B2C channel, such as retail execution management solutions, AI based shelf recognition systems, flexible assortment planning and B2B Commerce solutions, as well as for the D2C channel, with loyalty programs, marketing or commerce solutions.

Consumer Health & Life Science

Dealing with patients rather than consumers, managing channels with complex hierarchies and stakeholders as well as stricter regulations, are only some of the challenges for over the counter (OTC) drugs and other medical products and devices. 

Working with international pharmaceutical conglomerates as well as market leaders in niche markets, we address challenges such as quality control, complaint management and GxP relevant processes while always keeping the consumer / patient in the center of all actions. Enabling HCP conversations with solutions like edetailling, closed loop marketing for more efficient commercial operations and fluent collaboration between marketing, sales and operations.

Consumer Products & Manufacturing

When done right, long lasting products lead to long lasting consumer relationships. This applies to consumer electronics as well as fashion, luxury and all kind of manufacturer.

We support such manufacturer to digitize their marketing and sales channels in specialized retail, through distributors and in direct sales through own stores or webshops. To do that, we offer our experience and knowledge about topics like customer loyalty programs, rebate programs, complex quote configuration, clientelling or the transformation of your service channel from cost center to profit center, all the while providing excellent service and creating brand advocates instead of simply consumers.

For long-term, consistent relationships with your customers and a steady growth of your brand’s fan base.

Consumer Services & Retail

Whether grocery store, specialty retailer or fashion stores - the re-invention of retail business is one of the major challenges of any store operater. 

We make sure that you can listen to your customers and remember their preferences, buying behavior and wishes through implementing digital clienteling solutions and loyalty programs, animating your customers to buy again. Connected retail solutions allow you to customize your services to the point and offer a tailored sales experience - based on support and assistance.

Anything for a better shopping experience for your customers .

We know and implement tools to take care of the digital and analog customer journey in a performant way. We ensure efficiency and sustainable growth of your products and – above all – your brand.

Perfect results require exceptional industry knowledge

The right tool for every requirement


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About Peak & Peak

Our goal is to actively help at least 1% of consumer goods brands change for the better - digitally, sustainably, and customer-focused.

We want to accompany our customers sustainably to become better all the time. We see ourselves as a sparring partner for the challenges of the digital transformation of our customers and convince with our expertise in the consumer industry. 

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